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Thursday, October 11, 2012


I am a feminist because I believe woman are equal to (not superior to) men.

I am a feminist because I believe sex is what you make it, not something inherently good or bad.

I am a feminist because I am not ashamed of having a vagina.

I am a feminist because I don’t believe “Eve” is proof that women are inferior or should be submissive.

I am a feminist because I believe a woman’s “place” is wherever she wants it to be.

I am a feminist because my uterus can sync up to the moon and to other women’s uteruses, and that’s amazing and magical.

I am a feminist because I don’t want our future daughters to worry about a wage gap.

I am a feminist because I see strong, powerful women like Hillary Clinton and Julia Gillard and I am inspired, not threatened.

I am a feminist because I believe no one in the world can make any decision about a fetus/baby/clump of cells inside of a woman except that woman in that situation, no matter how I feel about abortion.

I am a feminist because I love men, and I think all people deserve a partner in life, not a servant.

I am a feminist because it’s sexy.

I am a feminist because it's not okay when people paint female politicians as "dykes," "man-haters," "emotional," or "hysterical" when they would never talk about male politicians that way. When they ask Hillary Clinton what designers she likes but would never ask a male politician what kind of suit he wears.

I am a feminist because I will not repress or stifle myself to make someone else comfortable.

I am a feminist because liking sex does not make someone a nymphomaniac or a slut.

I am a feminist because I don’t think anyone should need to avoid going out at night because they might get raped.

I am a feminist because I believe your boyfriend or husband shouldn't control what you wear, who you hang out with, or what you believe.

I am a feminist because I've been controlled, and I am never going back.

I am a feminist because when I’m home alone at night, I’m scared, and I shouldn’t have to be.

I am a feminist because I believe in equal rights for ALL, regardless of the color of their skin, the person they love, their religious faith, or their genitalia.

I am a feminist because my Grandma ran for Iowa State Senate in 1982, and lost because she was a woman.

I am a feminist because of everyone who died and sacrificed so that I could have the right to vote.

I am a feminist because I love the color pink, cooking, wearing dresses, and I shave my legs and armpits... and that's okay.

I am a feminist because I am offended when politicians talk about girls "faking rape" and how women can avoid rape pregnancy with magical vagina juices.

I am a feminist because I am not a sex object, something for you to stare at as I walk by, or a seductress just by being a woman.

I am a feminist because I believe gender roles are harmful.

I am a feminist because I am made in God's image.

I am NOT a feminist because I hate men
want only women to rule the world
hate makeup and pink and anything slightly feminine
I am NOT a feminist because I want hairy limbs
and to have sex with women 
(because all feminists like pussy)
and because men are gross and who needs them?
I am NOT a feminist because Eve tricked Adam,
so my goal is to trick all men.
I am NOT a feminist because I don't need anyone in my life
and men are just for using
and I want to kill babies with my unmanacured nails.
I am NOT a feminist because women shouldn't be
stay at home moms or love their kids or spouse.

I am a feminist because I believe in equality, and that women are people.

Why are you a feminist? Are you not, and if so, why not?

Love - Madie


  1. Can men be feminists? All of your points are heavily related to women's experience. Which I think is good. To you, where does that leave men?

    1. Absolutely! I see your point; as a woman, I obviously came at being a feminist from a female perspective. Men do not have a uterus to connect to the moon, so clearly some of these reasons are not applicable to a male point of view, haha. At the same time, I think it's easy for anyone to call themselves a feminist, regardless of sex or gender. At the most basic level, if you believe women are equal to men, I would say you are a feminist. If a man believes a woman is more than her genitals, should not have to worry about rape or assult, or are just as capable of leadership positions as men, I feel these (just a few of my reasons above) are all valid reasons for a man to call himself a feminist. If "feminist" meant something only a woman could experience (like menstration), or a claim of superiority, I think the label would be much more problematic. However, at least as I see it, feminism is inherently inclusive. :)

      One of my friends on my Facebook commented on why he is a feminist, which I'll include here:

      "I'm a feminist because my girlfriend is my equal and my partner. Her and I have no hierarchy because we are feminists. I'm also feminist because my mom has worked her ass off everyday of her life to help provide for my sisters and I. She has worked just as many (if not more) shitty jobs just as much as any man. Yet she continues to get passed over for promotions and raises because she's a woman. I'm a feminist because my sisters have a 1/3 chance of being sexually harassed in their lives because they are women and are even at higher risk because they go to college. I am a feminist because I'm not masculine, and being a man and not masculine can be the most difficult thing for males to live life with. I'm a feminist because any other way doesn't make sense."

    2. Thank you, Madie!

      As a male-bodied gender studies student, I've gotten a lot of criticism from second wave feminists claiming that I have no right to call myself a feminist. I understand the critique, of course, because I have male privilege, whether or not I want it. These feminists--wonderful, strong women--are getting caught up in identification and essentialism, I think. You're right to point out that there are things that Anonymous and I will never understand because we do not menstruate and we are not inherently oppressed because of our genital structure or chosen identification. That said, gender is all a socialized construction (cf. Judith Butler's Gender Trouble and Undoing Gender.)

      Thanks for letting me identify as a feminist, Madie, and thanks for this blog. I'm going to share it with my professor today in class.

    3. You're so very welcome, and I'm so happy you enjoyed the post. :)

      Personally, the only person I've had an issue with calling themselves a feminist was Sarah Palin, haha. However, as I've said, I feel feminism is inherently inclusive, and it's not my place to tell someone that they are or are not a feminist. I took a class on religious pluralism last year, and we came to the issue of saying that, "____ isn't a Christian/Muslim/etc." While we may not want people to represent us or be a part of our group, what right do any of us have to claim the "keys" to a group label? Do I have the ultimate power of saying so-and-so isn't a Christian, or a feminist? Even if they are a "bad" Christian (i.e., shooting mass groups of people), isn't the label a personal one?

      Clearly I don't mean to paint you in the same way as a mass killer, haha. I think you have every right to call yourself a feminist, regardless of sex or gender (or socialized construction) or what other feminists may say. My boyfriend calls himself a feminist, as does my Father, my Grandpa and my little brother. I have absolutely no issue with men calling themselves feminists, especially if they adhere to the basic belief that women are people, haha. If they don't, well, clearly it bothers me, but is it really our place to judge who "belongs" in the group or not? Me being white doesn't mean I oppose civil rights for African Americans, or can't support that cause. I feel that while one is oppressed, we all are oppressed, so any support we get from you privileged, white males is fine by me! ;)

  2. So you are a feminist like who Disney's Belle of Beauty and the Beast is. And I support that as long as you're reasonable about it. Oh wait, you are because of the reasons that you put in this blog. Well ,good for you.


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