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Kelsey J.

Kelsey is notorious for prying into people's personal lives and considers herself a perpetual optimist. She has a lot of feelings and, as a huge extrovert, likes to talk about them all the time. Although she calls St. Paul home now, she reminds everyone she knows that she is an Iowan at heart. 

Kelsey's hobbies include laughing, learning people's secrets, dancing around the kitchen to the latest pop song, and reading old school novels she should have read in high school. She is a bike commuter and a beer snob who drinks a lot of coffee and doesn't quite know how to be a grown up yet.

Kelsey lives with her girlfriend, Lisa, and their friend Jeremy in a big, old house that recently had a squirrel problem.

Kelsey is currently in grad school trying to learn how to be a social worker. 

Kelsey's interest areas are women (in all senses really), theology, the church, sustainability, relationships, peace, systemic change, world politics, racial justice, feminism, feelings, community, and city dynamics.

Other social media include: Kelsey's Blog LinkedIn Twitter Facebook


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