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Her/Story is a collaborative blog project focused on the lives and voices of women working, studying, dancing, bleeding, eating, playing and thinking in today’s often tumultuous, yet invigorating world. Focused on positivity, productivity, creativity, and transformation Her/Story promotes truth, honesty, humor, and liberation.  Intertwining politics, faith, women’s rights, sexuality, and socio-economic topics with conversations on dating, careers, travel, illness, attraction, and pop culture, it is the goal of Her/Story to create a space for conversation, community, and dialogue that goes beyond geographic boundaries and allows for women to both use their voices and listen to the affirming and eclectic voices of others. 

Privacy and Copyright Policy:
All personal layouts and all graphics are created solely for the Her/Story blog. We ask that you do not use the exact layout or design without permission or without linking back to Her/Story. All posts on Her/Story are our personal opinions on subjects and items. Any comments which are deemed strictly to hurt or insult are subject to deletion at the decision of the authors of Her/Story.


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