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Erin B.

Erin grew up on a farm in small town Iowa with a family that is the center of her world.  She was adopted, as were her younger brother and sister, and growing up her parents did everything in their power to see their children succeed in life.  Erin graduated from a small liberal arts school in 2012, where she earned a major in history and a major in religion.  In May 2014, she earned her MA in Theology and Ministry from Boston College's School of Theology and Ministry.  She currently works as a campus minister at a Catholic university back in Iowa.

Erin is a roll with the punches kind of girl, but can be fierce when defending what she believes to be right.  A faithful and devoted Catholic, Erin believes that faith and religion need to constantly be talked about, reiterated, and reinforced.  She doesn't like to take life to seriously though, and loves making people laugh and seeing the lighter side of things.  Erin does not like being constrained to one social box, and so far in life has called herself an author, a stand-up comedian, a lover, a fighter, a counselor, a prankster, a farm girl, a highschool and college graduate, a historian, a theologian, a leader, a follower, a friend (not yet an enemy...hoping to keep it that way), a daughter, and a hopeless romantic.  It sometimes takes Erin a little bit to come out of her shell, as she has fought shyness and confidence issues her whole life, but she is feeling better about herself today than she was yesterday, and will feel even better tomorrow than she does today.

Things That Make Erin Happy

Reading romance novels(her favorite author in the world is Kresley Cole), watching epic movies she can lose herself in, writing books and creating stories of her own, Pepsi, fried food with ranch, spending time with her family, learning (history is her great love and she has been obsessed with the Tudors and Elizabeth I, though she has recently started obsessing about the Borgias), Dorothy Lynch (dressing...which can be put on absolutely anything), anything that makes her laugh so hard she cries, her friends, and the idea of someday being a mother. 

Simply Google her name or find her here:


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