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Madie F.

Hello world, this is MadieShe's a 24 year-old law student who goes to the 
University of New Hampshire School of Law.  She has two cats named 
James and Leif, is obsessed with "Game of Thrones," and lives with her 
fiance, JacobHer sorority twice voted that she was most likely to be a cat lady.

She's a constantly-questioning Lutheran with a passion for interfaith work and feminist theology, has gone through emotional abuse, and is passionate about equal rights for all. Madie is inspired by those who are strong in their faith and those who fight for justice. Madie grew up in Iowa, but currently lives in Concord, New Hampshire. She goes to law school so she can help people, not corporations.

Religious discussions, shopping at Goodwill for sweaters and VHS tapes, watching Wes Anderson movies, any film featuring Kate Winslet, dark chocolate, The National, tequila, writing, blueberry bagels, surprises, intimate discussions with new friends, and cats.

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